May 21, 2014

RapidBrow eyebrow enhancing serum [review]

It dates back to my teenage years. One fatal overpluck and now, years later it has become my mission, make that obsession, to have fuller eye-brows. Pencil-thin brows were cool back then, but they couldn't be farther from cool now. I spend great time and care filling in my eyebrows, and I've tried every brow powder, marker, pencil there is. It can get exhausting and I wondered if there was something I could do to make them grow... So aside from getting eyebrow transplants [it's a thing], I decided to try Rapid Brow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum that I picked up at the Beauty Boutique. From the creators of the "award-winning" RapidLash eyelash serum, this product promises to give you "youthful, flawless, healthy-looking, beautiful brows". I'll be the judge of that.

I applied the growth serum to my brows 1-2 times per day for 60 days. It resembles a clear mascara, and you apply it with a mascara wand by combing through your brows. It should be noted that I generally have minimal re-growth, and only have to pluck like 5 stray hairs a year.

Here are the results: 



Sadly, my eyebrows do not resemble those of Uncle Leo's. However, there is some noticeable growth (especially at the tail) and fullness that was not there before. It's not a miracle worker, but if you have sparse brows like me, I would recommend giving it a try! 

{ beauty tip } To give your brows a natural look when filling them in, use a mix of products instead of just one. I like to use M.A.C.'s Penultimate brow marker to design the shape, then fill in with Quo's Brow Focus powder in Brunette. And always go lighter than your natural hair colour! Even if you have black hair never use black!!

May 16, 2014

ULTA beauty haul - reviews!

After a recent overnight trip stateside for a friend's wedding, I took it upon myself to be extra efficient and kill two birds with one (duty-free) stone by stopping at Ulta Beauty on the way home (Dave was thrilled). I had yet to experience this Sephora-meets-Shoppers makeup shopping experience, and I must say I was impressed! Many of the luxury beauty brands are in attendance, but so are all the drugstore brands - and I was extra pleased to see many brands that we don't easily find in Canada (especially NYX). I could have spent forever perusing the goods, but after being poked, followed, and asked multiple times if I was "done yet", I cashed out with two bags of goodies and provided my reviews below. 

1. Revlon Colourstay Foundation

I picked this up to try on the recommendation of another beauty blogger. The consistency is very thick (with a name like "whipped" I expected it to be light like a mousse), but can be thinned out when you apply it. Coverage is great, and it does last a long time, however I find the colour selection is limiting, and because the product is hard to see through the packaging I ended up getting the wrong shade. If you like a full-coverage foundation that feels like a full-coverage foundation give it a try, but I feel there are better options out there for coverage that feel lighter, yet still last a long time. 

2. Kardashian Beauty False Lashes in "Glimmer"

How could I resist trying out a product endorsed by my fav lash-queen KIM! I really like these lashes for a super glam look... quality is good and price is great! (around $6 US) However - false lash virgins beware - these babies are VERY dramatic! 

 3. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in "Supernatural"

This gloss has a really nice texture with a very subtle, natural colour... so natural it's almost nonexistent, but great if you want a no-makeup lip colour, or want to layer over a brighter shade of pink! 

4. Revlon Lipstick in "Primrose"

Just gorgeous dah-ling!! Love this lipstick colour... It's the perfect cool shade of pink-purple that looks great on almost everybody, but especially my fellow dark-haired, light-skinned "winters" (more on this later). 

 5. Real Techniques Stippling Brush

For those of you that are not familiar with stippling brushes, they are a great way to apply your foundation when you want a fuller coverage, flawless finish. This brush is great because it is shorter and denser, therefore giving a really nice coverage, and it's a good quality brush with a price point of under $10! And of course who can resist the hot-pink handle? I'm such a sucker for packaging.

6. Umberto Beverly Hills U Color in 
"Dark Medium Brown"

Ok, wait a minute. Who thought it would be a good idea to evenly squeeze hair dye through three little packets simultaneously onto tiny sections of your hair ? Umberto? Was that your stupid idea? What a disaster. In typical home dye kits, you are given a bottle of colour, a bottle of developer and you combine the two, shake, and apply. This kit gives you three packets - one colour, one developer, and one equalizer, and you are supposed to magically squeeze just the right amount of each product onto each section of your hair. Of course this didn't work, as only the developer came out onto my hair when I squeezed, so I panicked, ran downstairs for a bowl, and ended up mixing it all in the bowl. The final result was a nice shade of dark brown, and I'll give him a bonus point for the no ammonia formula (which meant no horrible smell), but overall I will not be purchasing this again. Thanks for the panic attack Umberto you troll.

7. NYX lip liners in 
"Fuchsia" "Dolly Pink" "Pale Pink"

Only recently have I begun being consistent with applying lip liner before my lipstick, and I must say I do notice a difference. Not only does the lip look more polished and precise, but the liner does prevent feathering, especially if you are applying a bright colour (it's a must). These liners are so cheap and work great! Pigments and colours are rich, and consistency is nice, it really glides on. Colour selection by NYX is impressive as well, these 3 are good starts if you are just getting into liners - the neutral "Pale Pink" is good with nudes and light pinks, the bright deep pink "Fuchsia", and I especially love the bright, medium tone "Dolly Pink" paired with my brighter pink lipsticks! 

While I was at ULTA I also picked up a few clear makeup bags for my kit annnnnnnd some goodies for an upcoming giveaway! Stay tuned for that! (Hint: it will be happening on Instagram, so make sure to follow me so you don't miss it! @liannemascia)

{ beauty tip } If you're shopping for a new foundation and there aren't testers available, try searching the product online (from your smartphone if you can), as many bloggers will provide reviews of entire foundation colour selections. This will give you an idea of which colours are warm (yellow-based) and which are cool (pink-based), and as long as you know your undertone, you have a greater chance of going home with the right shade! 

May 13, 2014

on set of "Claudine"

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to work with Joe Frankel Films on a book trailer for the erotic novel "Claudine" published by Pengiun Press.

[book synopsis]:

What a great experience and amazing cast and crew! The idea of doing trailers to promote books is a great idea, as a whole chapter of a book is brought to life,  giving potential readers a glimpse into what the book is all about. 

A few shots from set:

    [lead actress in natural makeup and a brunette wig]

    [day two on set]

    [lead actor primary makeup]

    [supporting actor touchups]

I can't wait to see the final product! It should be released in the next few months, and the book is coming out in the fall.

May 1, 2014

picture perfect for prom!

It's PROM season, and if you still need a makeup artist I have a few spots left! If you live in Southern Ontario, contact me at to book your appointment today 🕑