December 29, 2016

LASH DARLING mink lashes now available!

I am so excited to finally share that my hand-curated collection of luxurious mink lashes has officially arrived! 

There are eight gorgeous styles in the collection to choose from, ranging from natural to super glam, and all are named after iconic supermodels! (Think: Cindy and Naomi)

These lashes are hand-made from 100% cruelty free mink hair, and will last up to 25 wears.

Lash Darling Mink Lash in style "LINDA"

SHOP the collection now at! Fast shipping within Canada and the US. Follow @lashdarlinglashes on Instagram for all the styles and inspiration on how to wear them!

- Lianne xo

December 22, 2016

thank YOU + website update

Another year is coming to a close, and what a busy year it has been! I love and appreciate all of my beautiful clients that chose me to glam them for their wedding, a special event, or just to feel extra beautiful. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't get to do something I absolutely love every day, so THANK YOU!

I have updated my website with some of my gorgeous brides, and fun work I was lucky to do this year, so please have a look and if you know anyone that is celebrating something special next year, please do share it with them!
Lots of love to everyone this holiday season, and hopefully I will have a chance to see you in my chair in 2017. xoxo

- Lianne

December 15, 2016

Baking 101 (...and I'm not talking about Christmas cookies)

Makeup trends come and go, and the latest craze to be seen all over the INSTA world is baking! And I'm not talking about cookies. Baking isn't a new idea, people (mainly in the theatre, red carpet, and drag world) have been doing it for a long time, but just like contouring and highlighting, it has made it's way mainstream.

So What is Baking?

It's a way of setting your concealer and foundation with loose powder to ensure longevity. Using a brush or sponge you pick up an excessive amount of powder and pack it on to the areas that you want to heavily set. The powder is left on for approximately 5 minutes to "bake" the concealer/foundation, and then is dusted away leaving a budge-proof finish. The most common area to bake is undereye, as concealer is the most common culprit to crease, move, and disappear, but you can also bake other areas of the face to sharpen contour lines, and brighten forehead and chin.

My Favourite Products for Baking:

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder
This is my holy grail of setting powders, it's translucent and so silky it leaves the skin looking amazing, and does a great job of baking. It also doesn't give flashback; THIS IS KEY!

Beauty Blender
The beauty blender's unique shape allows it to fit the under eye area perfectly, making it a great tool to bake with. Make sure your blender is damp before picking up any loose powder!

Sigma Beauty Baking & Strobing Brush Set
This brush set is amazing as it contains all the essential tools to bake (and strobe, baking's BFF). Check out my INSTA page to see these brushes in action (@liannemascia).
$84 usd,

Have you tried baking? What are your favourite tools to bake with? Let me know in the comments! 

- Lianne

November 15, 2016

my favourite drugstore NUDES

Everyone loves a good nude... lipstick! I know I do. And I've rounded up my favourite drugstore nudes so you can bare it all without breaking the bank.

1.  L'Oreal Colour Rich Collection Exclusive Lipstick "Jennifer's Nude"
This is one of my favourite drugstore nudes, and it's not just because it's named after Jennifer Lopez! The texture is creamy, and the colour has got enough warmth to it to make it very wearable with almost no other makeup on. $9

2. Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick "Nude Attitude" 
This one is a very pale nude shade, but with a matte finish it's very on-trend. Also great for laying with other lipstick shades to lighten them for a custom colour. $8

3. L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Last Lipstick "Neverending Nutmeg"
This is a two step lip colour with a matte-drying liquid lipstick on one end, and a moisturizing 'top coat' on the other. I really like the brown tone of this lipstick and find it really does last forever! Sometimes I skip the top coat if I'm feeling a more trendy matte finish. $12

4. Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick "014"
It's a flattering shade with a hint of pink, and a semi-matte finish so isn't too drying! $7

5. Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lip Liquid Lipstick "Midi"
Ok so this one doesn't actually come from a drugstore, but it is so cheap I had to include it in this list! This shade is one of my all-time favourite nude shades, and I've used it so many times in bridal makeup applications it has become one of my go-to's. $6 (usd)

- Lianne

September 9, 2016

the makeup brushes you should be using (and where to buy them).

I often get asked various types of makeup related questions, but the ones I hear the most revolve about brushes. What types of brushes should I have in my makeup bag? How do I use them? Where do I buy them? Should I invest in good quality or just buy the inexpensive brands?

In my personal and professional makeup bags I use a wide variety of brushes from different brands (in my pro kit I have over 60 brushes!). Some I've spent a few dollars on, some I've spent upwards of $60 per brush. I would say the majority of my brushes are either from MAC, Sephora or Morphe, but I do have a few QUO and Sigma. Now, MAC and Sephora brushes are high-end and going to cost you $$$. Morphe, Sigma, and QUO are relatively less expensive, but that doesn't mean lesser in quality. I actually really love my Morphe and Sigma brushes, and for a fraction of the cost I think they compare very close to the ones from MAC and Sephora.

My pro brush belt (and this isn't even all of them!)

So what brushes should you be using on the daily? Well it depends how much makeup you wear, but
I've narrowed it down to these 7 essential brushes that should be in your bag, so you're always covered no matter what look you are going for. I've also added a few bonus brushes for those that want to take their brush belt to the next level!

1. LARGE POWDER [ MAC #150 ]
Invest in a good quality powder brush with real hair bristles, used for setting powder or applying powder foundation.

2. LARGE KABUKI [ Essential Beauty Kabuki ]
For flawless bronzer application, I find a large, fluffy-yet-dense brush like a kabuki works best. I picked up one of mine from the Winners beauty section (you can really score big there sometimes!), and didn't spend a lot. I can't remember exactly how much it was but I know it was under $10.

3. ANGLED BLUSH [ Sephora Pro Angled Brush #49 ]
I love my angled blush brush from Sephora! The bristles are so soft, and the angled shape really carves out the cheekbone perfectly (Bonus: it can also be used for cheekbone contour.)

4. FLAT SHADOW [ Morphe M124 ]
For applying eyeshadow to the lid and brow bone, I like a firm, flat brush the best. This can be an inexpensive purchase - I bought a few from the Sonia Kashuk line when we still had Target here in Canada (*tear*) and they are perfect, but these ones from Morphe are almost identical and so inexpensive!
$3.99 (usd),

For blending out crease shadow a good quality fluffy shadow brush is a MUST, and there isn't anything better than the trusty MAC 217.

6. SMALL ANGLE [ Morphe M413 ]
A small angle brush is essential for defining your eyebrows with powder, or a pomade like Dipbrow, and can also be used to apply eyeliner. Along with an eyebrow brush/spoolie, these two go hand in hand and are "must-haves" for sure.
$3.99 (usd),

7. FOUNDATION [ Beauty Blender ]
I literally have about 5 different types of brushes/sponges I will use to apply foundation (it just depends on my mood that day), but my recommendation for a go-to foundation applicator is not actually a brush but a sponge - The Original Beauty Blender - and make sure you splurge on the real thing, there is a difference with the knock-offs!! This sponge can also be used for applying under-eye concealer using the pointy end, AND baking/setting the under eye area (more on baking later...)


FAN BRUSH QUO Professional ]
For applying that glow! I love using a fan brush for highlighter. I find it applies just the right amount of product and it's fun to use. *Make sure you get the QUO Professional fan brush (with the black handle), not the basic QUO fan brush (with the silver handle) - there is a huge difference in quality.
$20, Beauty Boutique at Shoppers Drug Mart.

FLAT TOP BUFFER Morphe G6 Flat Buffer ]
A good all-purpose buffing brush that makes blending any type of cream product (contour, blush or bronzer) a breeze, is a flat top brush like this one by Morphe.
$13.99 (usd),

This brush is essential if you are partaking in the contour and highlight game. Applies highlight powder like a dream with its super soft bristles and tapered shape, it really gets in the under-eye area perfectly. You can also use this to apply glow to the tops of your cheekbones (and if you are feeling adventurous, can use it to apply cheek contour).
$25 (usd),

If you have any other brush favourites (or even new brands) let me know in the comments! And don't forget to follow me on Instagram (@liannemascia) for lots more makeup tips, reviews and looks! <3


August 1, 2016

what's in my pro MUA kit

Every makeup artist's kit is unique. It' s a hand-picked, and carefully curated selection of products that they love, trust, and believe will help them produce the best work they can. A kit can take years to develop, and like vegetables in a garden, they grow bigger and better as time goes on. Things are constantly being added and sometimes replaced with the 'next best thing', and sometimes old
favourites are brought back in because there just isn't anything that can beat them.

Clients always ask what products I use, and they should, as what I'm putting on their face is just as important as the techniques I use. Many times my kit, my trusty sidekick, helps me secure a job when the client knows I only use the best! Here I'm going to give a peek into my kit staples, the brands I love, and the products that have been with me since the beginning. 

Smashbox primers are really great. I carry their Photo Finish Primer in Original, Light, and Pore Refining (depending on my client's skin type and needs). For redness, I also have Make Up For Ever's HD Primer which is green and colour corrects the red, and for very oily skin I LOVE Becca's Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector.

I almost exclusively use Make Up For Ever foundations. I carry both the Ultra HD formula, which is great for almost every skin type and leaves a gorgeous 'real skin' finish (undetectable with HD cameras), and I also use MUFE's Mat Velvet for those with really oily skin, or who want a very full coverage matte finish. 

I love MAC Pro Longwear concealer for under eye concealing, it's very long lasting and gives great coverage. To colour correct before I put down the concealer, I always reach for my Eve Pearl Salmon concealers in various tones (depending on the intensity of the dark circle).

I have flip-flopped between a couple different powders over the years. When I first started working, I used the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder, and it was great, but then decided to try the Ben Nye Neutral Set Loose Powder. The Ben Nye one set everything perfectly, but recently I have gone back to Laura Mercier's. I find the powder is just a touch finer and softer, and I like how it isn't stark white (like the Ben Nye one).

Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit (I mainly use the colours Banana and Fawn), and MAC bronzers and highlighters in Lightscapade, Soft & Gentle, and Beautiful Bronze. I also recently added Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel cream bronzer and it is amazing! Works on almost every light-medium skin tone.

I have so many it would take me forever to list them all! I will say the majority are from MAC because I love them so much, and I will give a special shout out to Anasatasia Beverly Hills, Urban Decay and Colour Pop for their fab shadows that keep my clients' lids on fleek (wait, do people still say "on fleek"?)

Again I have soo many but the majority are from MAC (my custom palette pictured below), and I also really love Colour Pop liquid lipsticks for their longevity and on-trend shades!  

Obviously this isn't everything I keep in my kit, there are just too many products to list individually, [and of course some things are trade secrets ;)] but these are some of my favourites! 


June 24, 2016

if you have oily skin you NEED to try this foundation

There is a little hidden gem sitting on shelves at drugstores across the country. A foundation that provides such long-lasting, oil-controlling coverage, you would think it is sold at Sephora... but it's not. And it's under $20.

The foundation I'm referring to is L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation, and I'm in LOVE. I have combination skin and am constantly battling shine throughout the day, but when I wear this foundation I barely have to blot! It leaves my skin flawless and demi-matte for hours longer than the many other foundations I've tried. I also love the medium-full coverage, and how long it lasts, especially when I'm doing full glam (it might be a little heavy if you are doing a quick daytime makeup, but to each their own). The only negative I can say about this product is the colour selection; it only comes in 9 shades, so might be hard to find a perfect match. My colour is 104 Golden Beige (equivalent to MAC NC30) but this is when I have a bit of a tan, otherwise it's a tad dark (and the lighter shades are too pinky for my complexion).

I find this product to be very similar to Make Up For Ever's Mat Velvet+ foundation in consistency, coverage, and even packaging, but retails at less than half the price! Pro-Matte sells for $17 at Walmart vs. $47 for Mat Velvet+ at Sephora.

If you have tried this product and love it or hate it, let me know in the comments! And don't forget to follow me on Instagram (@liannemascia) for lots more makeup tips, reviews and looks! <3

- Lianne

May 17, 2016

how a makeup artist refreshes her makeup bag for spring.

Finally Spring has sprung! This warm weather seriously makes me happy, and it also makes me want to clean and organize EVERYTHING! If you feel the same, and want to clean up your makeup bag, read on to see what I toss and what I add to freshen it up for Spring!


Old Mascaras
Old Concealers
Old Moisturizers


A New Lipstick 
A fresh new lipstick in a bright, fun colour will instantly brighten any makeup look (especially the lighter looks we tend to go for once the warm weather arrives). And chances are it will go great with that printed maxi you just bought ;)

Try: L'Oreal Le Matte Lip Colour Stick in "Matte For Me", $10.

Highlighting Powder
There's something about warmer weather that makes us feel glowy and happy, so why not add a highlighter to your routine to really make your skin glow.  

Try: The Balm Cosmetics "Mary-Lou Manizer" (I just ordered it from and am obsessed), $17.

New Mascara
To replace the one you just tossed! Mascara should be replaced every 3 months since it can collect bacteria from your eye area (which can lead to infection), and it also can get quite dry by this time which won't give you the best results.

Try: Too Faced "Better than Sex" for bold lashes $30, or L'Oreal "Voluminous Carbon Black" for a great everyday choice, $8.

A Fun Eyeshadow Palette
Be inspired with your eye looks by adding a new palette to the mix! Something wearable with a mixture of matte and shimmery shades, but don't be afraid of a little colour. Your NAKED palette got a workout this winter, so it's time to give it a rest and pick up something with pinks, blues, or golds (all very on-trend this season).

Try: Ciaté London "The Fun Palette" $42, or Urban Decay "Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette" $70. 

What is a must-have you are adding to your makeup bag this spring?

- Lianne

May 9, 2016

my current skin care routine.

I have been asked recently what my skin care routine looks like, so here is the process, with all the products I'm currently loving listed below!



In the MORNING, I like to either wash my face with a gentle cleanser or use a micellar cleansing water, then I will apply moisturizer and foundation, or just BB cream (which has moisturizer in it). And of course if I'm going into the sun - apply sunscreen!

At NIGHT my routine is a little more involved. If I have been wearing a full face of makeup I will first wipe my face with a wipe or use micellar cleansing water to remove some of the makeup (and around my eyes), then I wash my face with the same gentle cleanser from the morning, but this time I use a sonic spin brush for extra deep cleaning.
Next, I will tone my skin to remove any remaining dirt and makeup, then I apply a moisturizer; I like to use a couple of different products depending how my skin feels and just to keep things fresh. I love (and have loved for a long time) Nivea's Moisturizing Night Care cream. It's a heavier texture which is nice for night time and I really feel like my skin is soft and hydrated in the morning. It has never clogged my pores and is a really good simple starter night cream, or one to rotate in along with something a little more powerful. If I feel like my skin is getting dull and needs an extra boost (or if I have any breakouts), I will switch up my night cream and use something with active ingredients like glycolic acid*. Glycolic acid is great for combination skin as it works to exfoliate and keep pores clean (and in turn will boost radiance!)
After face cream I like to apply an eye cream, as the eye area is delicate and using a specific cream for this area will yield better results! Philosophy makes great products in general, but I really like their eye creams. They have specific ones depending on how much "anti-aging" you need, you can check out the link above to explore a cream that is right for your level of need!

*Note: Because glycolic acid is an active ingredient, first time users should ease their way into using it (starting out with just a couple times a week), and always wear sunscreen if going into the sun when using this product as it can cause sun sensitivity. Also, it should not be used in conjunction with the Clean & Clear toner which contains salicylic acid, so only apply toner on the nights when you aren't using the glycolic moisturizer. 

3-4 x WEEK
Exfoliate! Some people exfoliate every day, but I find that can be a bit harsh on the skin, and only use a scrub a few times a week. Plus, using the spin brush daily acts as a gentle exfoliator so you don't want to overdo it.

Once a week apply a face mask targeted to your skin type or concerns. If you have dry skin use a hydrating mask, if you have problematic skin use a purifying mask. I have combination skin with large pores so I will use something that helps control oil and clear my pores. I really LOVE Dr. Jart's sheet masks, I use the charcoal one which is great for my skin type, but use the link below to explore a mask that's right for you! 

If budgets permit, go for a facial once a month or even once every few months. The pros will give your skin a little extra TLC to ensure you look your best!


1. Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Foaming Cleanser (shop HERE)
2. Marcelle Micellar Cleansing Water (shop HERE)
3. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel (shop HERE)
4. La Roche Posay Anthelios Lightweight Lotion SPF 30 (shop HERE)
5. Neutrogena All-in-One Makeup Removing Cleansing Wipes (shop HERE)
6. Clarisonic Spin Brush (shop HERE)
7. Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Astringent (shop HERE)
8. Nivea Moisturizing Night Care - Normal Skin (shop HERE)
9. Neostrata Radiance Night Repair Cream (shop HERE)
10. Philosophy Eye Hope or Hope in a Tube (shop HERE)
11. No7 Beautiful Skin Exfoliator (shop HERE or Shoppers Drug Mart)
12. Dr. Jart Sheet Masks (shop HERE)
13. L'Oreal Pro Matte Foundation (shop HERE)
14. Marcelle BB Cream (shop HERE)

General Tips for Great Skin:

  • Always wash your makeup off at night (no matter how tired you are!)
  • Drink lots of water
  • Try and keep your hands off your face (to prevent transferring bacteria from your hands)
  • Go 'Au Natural' once in a while and give your skin a break from heavy makeup!

- Lianne

March 9, 2016

january/february beauty buys

Bite Beauty Lipstick in "Cava"
After seeing a friend rocking this shade last time I was in Sephora, I was like - I need that colour now. It's a lilac-grey-beige, definitely not your typical nude colour, but that's why I love it! It's subtle yet striking, and the formula is SO moisturizing!
Sephora, $23

Kiss Blooming Lash KBH02
Even though I have eyelash extensions, sometimes I like even more drama and I'll add a pair of strip lashes, and these intrigued me on a stop at Walgreens when I was in Vegas. They are multi dimensional and seem like they would look very natural yet gorgeous!
Walgreens, $5 (USD)

Wet n Wild Contouring Palette "Dulce de Leche"
This 2 colour palette is compact and perfect for traveling and was only $5!
Walgreens, $5 (USD)

Maybelline FitMe Concealer "Sand 20"
A very creamy, blendable concealer, and this shade is perfect with my skin tone. Love it!
Shoppers Drug Mart, $6.99 (on sale)

Quo Professional Fan Brush
This brush is part of the 'professional' series of Quo brushes available at Shoppers. I find they are made a little bit better than their silver handled counterpart, and the brush selection is much better. I would never trade them in for my MAC or Sephora Pro brushes, but they aren't terrible.
The Beauty Boutique, $20

L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Last Lip Colour "Teaberry", "Crimson" & "Neverending Nutmeg"
I tried the colour Neverending Nutmeg after reading a recommendation from Beyonce's makeup artist, and LOVED it! The colour was a perfect nude, and the formula did not budge or crack for all day wear! I picked up this colour plus a brick red and a plum to keep in my makeup kit.
Shoppers Drug Mart, $8.99 (on sale)

No Dark Shadows Complexion Enhancer
A multipurpose cream highlighter to brighten shadows and crevices on the face, perfect for the eye area. I haven't tried it yet so don't have an opinion but the texture seems nice. It's definitely an affordable alternative to my fave Guerlain Precious Light Illuminator which retails for $60!
Shoppers Drug Mart, $19.99

Smashbox Brow Tech Shaping Powder
I was so intrigued when I came across this brow product on my last trip to Shoppers! It was so unique... a fine tip applicator that mimicked a pencil, yet it was a powder formula. It went on my hand precise, smooth and pigmented, so I just had to try it! If it has a long wear formula (a la dipbrow) then I'm sold!!
The Beauty Boutique, $30

L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation
I've heard amazing things about this foundation, how it's great coverage and truly leaves a matte finish for us shiny girls, so I can't wait to try it.
Shoppers Drug Mart, $14.99 (on sale)

NYX Concealer Palette "Light"
NYX HAS LAUNCHED AT SHOPPERS! Let us all rejoice!! By the time I got to check it out, the shelves were half empty (no surprise), but I managed to pick up a few dece things. This concealer palette caught my eye since it seems to have a nice cool shade for cream contouring, and a trusty salmon colour for correcting under-eye circles.
Shoppers Drug Mart, $12.99 (on sale)

NYX Butter Gloss in "Creme Brûlée"
I totally forgot the reason I never picked these up before, even though they've been talked about for so long - they smell! They all come in different scents that take after fruit or desserts, and to be honest that's my nightmare. It worked in grade 6 when my lipgloss smelled like birthday cake, but those days are long behind me.
Shoppers Drug Mart, $9.49

NYX Eye Pencil "Deep Purple" & "Deep Blue"
These two seemed like good additions to the kit for people that wanted something other than the traditional black eyeliner, and the creamy formula claims to be waterproof which is a must!
Shoppers Drug Mart, $8.49

NYX Lip Pencil "Nude"
Nude lip pencils are great because even if you aren't wearing lipstick, you can still use it to contour your lips to make them seem larger. This also claims to be waterproof which is good for lips.
Shoppers Drug Mart, $8.49

L'Oreal Colour Riche Eyeshadow "Grand Bleu 211"
I was flipping through the latest issue of Allure magazine, and at the very back cover a big L'Oreal ad featuring this gorgeous blue eyeshadow caught my eye, and I knew then I had to pick it up and recreate the look myself! It's a part of their new series of eyeshadows that celebrate colour, and are supposed to be very pigmented and very smooth. I recently did a look with this shadow and am so impressed! The colour is fab and it truly has the pigmentation you would expect from a luxury brand.  (Check out the look I did out on my INSTA page)
Shoppers Drug Mart, $7.99

Smashbox Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer
I am obsessed (as is the rest of the world) with matte lipsticks right now, so this is a must have to give you that all matte, all the time look with ANY lipstick! That's right, you're fave shade that's in a glossy finish (ew) can now be matte!!
The Beauty Boutique, $26

Precision Beauty Stippling Brush
This type of soft, flat top brush is great for applying and blending cream, liquid or powder foundations. I love my beauty blender but like to switch it up sometimes with a brush and this one is a great choice! I picked this up at Winners (you can sometimes find amazing beauty buys here FYI) and it was only $7.99!
Winners, $7.99

February 29, 2016

now offering mink lashes!

Gorgeous 100% mink false lashes just arrived in my studio and I'm excited to share them with you!
From natural to dramatic, there is a style to suit your look and mood. These lashes are made from 100% natural fur, which gives them a natural shine, and makes them super lightweight and flexible compared to some synthetic lashes. They can also be curled like your natural lashes, and can be worn up to 25 times! Perfect for your wedding or special event, or anytime you want to be a little extra glam.

Here are the different styles available:

I love the look of mink lashes as they are very fluffy and almost 3D, which makes them appear more natural and of course are so glam!  Each pair comes packaged for proper storage, and comes with a full size adhesive. Contact me at for more ordering information. 

- Lianne

February 28, 2016

your new primer is from the men's grooming aisle?

I have seen, on more than one occasion, beauty bloggers and instagrammers going on about their new favourite makeup primer, and it's not from a popular beauty brand. In fact, it's not from a beauty brand at all... It's Nivea Men Sensitive Skin After Shave Balm.

So strange, I know! But after hearing so much buzz online how people have been applying this balm as a makeup primer with great results, I had to try it for myself. I will admit - my skin was smoothed  and the makeup applied nicely, but I didn't feel like it kept shine at bay (at all) or my makeup wearing for a long time (two musts for a primer), and I think it might have actually made my skin break out. 

So the verdict? I think I will stick with my tried and true Smashbox primers and leave the after shave balm for Dave.


February 8, 2016

my favourite VDAY reds.

Image from @liannemascia Instagram.

It's so classic to rock a red lip for Valentine's Day, and I'm sharing some of my favourite reds for you to try! 

From L-R: 

MAC Cosmetics "Lady Danger" - A bright, orange red with a matte finish. $20

MAC Cosmetics "Ruby Woo" - A deep, blue red with a matte finish. $20

Colour Pop Cosmetics "Last Dance" - A dark, rust red in an ultra-matte liquid lipstick format. $20

Revlon Super Lustrous "Love That Red" - A bright, warm red with a really creamy format. $8

MAC Cosmetics "MAC Red" - A true, classic red that looks great on everyone! Satin finish. $20

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss "06" - A very bright coral/pink red, a bold look for someone that loves pink lipstick but wants to try a red. $6

See swatches below*

Image from @liannemascia Instagram.

What is everyone's go-to red lipstick shade? I'd love to know, please share in the comments!!

Happy Valentine's Day!
- Lianne xo

January 29, 2016

prep, prime, cover, conceal, bake, highlight, contour, blush, glow... it's a real process.

It takes a lot longer than 15 seconds to get a flawless face (contrary to what my INSTA videos may have you believe), and quite a few products. But they all serve a critical purpose and I've broken down my current skin routine below. 

  1. Start with clean skin and prime with Smashbox Pore Minimizing primer.
  2. Apply MAC Prep+Prime Highlighter in "Light Boost" to under eye area, forehead and bridge of nose.
  3. Apply Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation all over face with foundation brush - then blend it in with a damp beauty blender, bouncing the blender over the face (as opposed to rubbing it).
  4. Apply MAC Pro Longwear Concealer under eyes in an upside triangle pattern and blend it out (mainly at the edges) with your beauty blender. Don't over blend or you might end up removing most of the concealer!
  5. Set concealer with a translucent setting powder (I love Ben Nye Neutral Set because it's amazing and doesn't give "flashback" from camera flashes) *Note: if you are a pro you can try to 'bake' your concealer, otherwise just sparingly applying it with a small fluffy brush will do the trick. Lightly set the rest of your face with the same powder and a large fluffy brush. 
  6. Using a Contour & Highlight Palette (I am using one by Anastasia Beverly Hills) apply the light yellow shade under eye, a little in the middle of forehead, bridge of nose, and on your chin/laugh lines - virtually any area that you want to bring lightness to. Take a dark contour shade and lightly apply to the area directly under your cheek bone (the angle should go from corner of mouth to top of ear although don't bring the product all the way down to your mouth). Also apply this colour to the edges of your forehead, and the sides of your nose. *Remember to apply sparingly and BLEND. For both contour and highlight, I love to use my Sigma F35 Tapered Highlighter Brush. Its pointy and gets the products exactly where I want it! 
  7. Take an angled blush brush (I love Sephora Pro Angled Blush Brush #49) and apply your desired blush to your cheeks focusing on the area and angle you applied your contour. Blend blush upwards to temple and bring it down a bit to the apples of your cheeks.
  8. Lastly, using that same Sigma brush or a fan brush, grab your favourite highlighter and give yourself some glow! I love MAC Soft &Gentle for a gorgeous, warm glow. Apply this to the tops of your cheekbones, the tip of your nose and the cupid's bow of your lips (for fuller lips!)
Bonus points for finishing with a setting spray like MAC Fix+ or Urban Decay All Nighter Setting spray! 

And there you have it. My current skin/foundation/glow routine... let me know what foundation you are currently loving in the comments (I am always on the hunt for a new one!)

- Lianne xo

January 12, 2016

7 products every MAC addict needs in their life.

Some trusty standbys, and some new favourites - here are my top seven products every MAC girl needs in their life (if they don't already have it!)

1. Mineralize Skinfinish Highlighter

Strobing, highlighting, JLO Glow... whatever you call it, you need these gorge highlighters to do it!

2. Pro Longwear Concealer

My favourite concealer for underneath the eye; it literally stays put the entire day, and it's not too thick and heavy (very blend able). 
    TIP: Choose a shade 1 lighter than your foundation for an instant brightening effect (under eye  only).

3. Blush in "Blushbaby"

MAC blushes are pigmented and easy to blend, and I chose this shade particularly because I find myself reaching for it almost daily. It's the perfect neutral "no-makeup" shade that is great for everyday, but also build able for a dramatic makeup look. And it's neither cool or warm so goes with any eye or lip colour.

4. PREP+PRIME Fix + 

This prepping and setting spray is a definite staple in your makeup kit. Mist the face after moisturizer before makeup application, and then again after you have powered and are all done. It will set the makeup and take away any "powdery" look... it's a MUST HAVE.

5. #286 Duo Fibre Blending Brush

I love this brush for a few applications, but I reach for it the most when I am blending out under eye concealer. It's super soft yet dense enough to blend it perfectly! It can also be used for eyeshadow/crease blending, and blending out nose contour.

6. #217 Blending Brush

One of my favourite eyeshadow blending brushes. It's made of natural hair so is a bit coarser, but I think that's what helps it blend so well. I use this every single time I do any kind of eye look.

I am a huge fan of MAC lipsticks, I love their texture, shade selection and staying power. Any colour works if you love it, but a few notable mentions are Brave (bridal fave), Blankety (great neutral), and Ruby Woo (gorgeous red!)

What is your favourite MAC product?

- Lianne xo

January 6, 2016

november/december beauty buys!

Happy New Year Lovelies!!!

Whoa! Between the Sephora VIB sale, a Shoppers "Spend Your Points" event, AND Black Friday, November and December were huge beauty months! I've organized it all by 'where to buy', so read on to discover some new beauty (I've highlighted the ones that are my faves).


Colour Pop Cosmetics Super Shock Eyeshadows in "Fringe", "Cheap Date", "Lovely", and "Eye Candy"
These shadows are loved the world over for their intense pigmentation, and I specifically purchased all 'metallic' finishes because I was looking to add some wow to my kit. These babies deliver!! And for only $5 a pop I couldn't resist getting four. Kylie Jenner's makeup artist Hrush (@styledbyHrush) uses them on Kylie, and applies them with her finger for the most intense colour deposit., $5 (USD).

Colour Pop Cosmetics Ultra Matte Lip Set in "Kitty"
The most perfect array of lip shades you will ever need! A neutral beige, a soft dusty rose, a mid tone warm pink, a rich violet, and a true brick red. All in an ultra-matte, kiss-proof finish. I love the price-points of this company - the whole set was only $20., $20 (USD).

Morphe 35P Plum Eyeshadow Palette
A 35 palette eyeshadow addition to my kit for only $22! I chose this versatile, wearable plum palette as it contains just the right amount of neutral and dramatic shades to create perfect bridal looks. I've heard good things about the pigments so am excited to try it for myself (at the time I wrote this it hadn't arrived yet)., $22.99.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in "Soft & Gentle"
These highlighters are beautiful and this colour specifically is great for almost all light to medium skin tones. Gives a fiercer 'glow' than "Lightscapade" and "Global Glow" (my other two MAC highlighters)., $37.


Marcelle 3-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water/Makeup Removing Cleansing Cloths
I'm really liking Marcelle's line of makeup removers lately! Ever since I got eyelash extensions I've had to tweak my face washing technique and these two products have really helped. They are oil-free and paraben free and actually work to remove my makeup without clogging pores and doing bad things that bad products do!
Shoppers Drug Mart, Cleansing Water $19.95 / Cleanding Cloths $12.95.

Smashbox Photofinish Primer in "Original", "Light" and "Pore Refining"
These primers are the ultimate in priming your face. Aside from my Becca mattifiying primer, these are all I use in my kit. I've used original and light before, but tried the new Pore Refining one and really like the way it evens skin! It's comparable to Too Faced's Primed and Poreless primer.
Shoppers Drug Mart, $44 each (Pore Refining is $49).

L'Oreal True Match Foundation
This has been called a cult favourite and I believe I tried it waaaaaay back in the day but couldn't remember what it was like so I picked it up on my last trip to Shoppers! It really is a light blend able foundation. They come in a huge range of shades, and are separated by undertone (love), so whether you are yellow, pink, or neutral (a mix of the two) you can find your shade. I chose N3 and I think it's a bit dark for me so might pick up W2 to make my own custom colour. I recommend giving this a try if you're in the market for a new foundation!
Shoppers Drug Mart, $18.79 (sale).

Bourjois Happy Base Matte Serum
I read abut this primer somewhere and put it on my "beauty to buy" list. Picked it up during a "Spend Your Points" event at Shoppers and thank God I didn't actually pay money for this (and at $22 it isn't cheap!) It's supposed to give your face a matte finish and repel shine throughout the day and I was shiny like an hour later! WTH
Shoppers Drug Mart, $22.

Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray
A staple in my kit for setting makeup! The Best!
Shoppers Drug Mart, $36.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Another must-have... don't apply your eyeshadow without it.
Shoppers Drug Mart, $24.

ROC 24h Comfort Ultra-Nourishing Balm
I like to keep a super hydrating balm in my kit for people with exceptionally dry skin, and mature skin. Something like this ROC cream will help instantly smooth the skin and make the foundation go on so much nicer. I also like Vichy's Neovadiol Magistral cream, but this one is just as nice and a little less expensive.
Shoppers Drug Mart, $35.

Annabelle Skinny Brow Liner in "Universal Dark"
Just stocking up on my favourite brow pencil of the moment!
Shoppers Drug Mart, $22.

EOS Lip Balm
Now that it's cold and dry out, my lips are like the Sahara. Lip balm is a must to keep everywhere! And these one's are just so much cuter (sorry Chapstick!)
Shoppers Drug Mart, $3.99 (sale).

Quo Blotting Papers
These are great to keep in your purse or clutch for mid-day/mid-night touch ups! Blotting powder is good too but these take up less room and don't add any more product like blotting powders can do.
Shoppers Drug Mart, $6.


Living Proof Prime Style Extender
Tried this out from a sample I received a while ago and I liked how it actually did make my blowout last a bit longer. I purchased the travel size just to give it another try before I commit to the full size.
Sephora, $15.

Living Proof 5-in-1 Styling Treatment
I love this styling cream from Living Proof as well! Leaves your hair soft and frizz-free and helps reduce drying time. 
Sephora, $18.

CosmoCube Artistry Palette
I bought this on impulse thinking I needed it, and while it looks pretty cool, I really didn't need it; I have a stainless steel palette that works just fine. It got returned the other day., $29.

Sephora Collection Pro Airbrush Concealer Brush #57
Love this brush for blending under-eye concealer! Definitely my new go-to brush!! The Sephora line of brushes is actually pretty great, and the "Airbrush" collection is really good, I have a foundation blending brush from this line that I love as well.
Sephora, $29

Dr. Jart+ Pore Minimalist Black Charcoal Sheet Mask

I haven't tried this mask yet, so I don't have an opinion yet but have heard great things and my friend who works at Sephora says they are very popular! Black charcoal is supposed to be great for clearing out pores. 
Sephora, $9.

Sephora Pomegranate Eye Mask
This fiber eye mask is for "anti-fatigue & energizing" and claims to reduce signs of fatigue, and awaken and tone the eye contours. Apparenly these are inspired by Asian beauty rituals and I have to say they really worked! I applied these patches in the morning and felt my eyes definitely looked less tired! Our friends on the other side of the world know what they are doing when it comes to beauty. 
Sephora, $6.

Sephora Pearl Face Mask
This fiber face mask is for "perfecting and brightening" and claims to even out skin tone and help minimize irregularities. I love the idea of a fiber mask that isn't messy and doesn't need to be washed off (very convenient), and found my skin looked great after. These masks come in a wide range of types suited for almost any skin condition, so I highly recommend picking one up! 
Sephora, $8.

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask
I never really suffer from more than the average chapped lips in the winter, but lately my lips have been like sandpaper! I have no idea what's going on but I turned to the much talked about Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask for help. It contains lanolin, and as a new mom who breastfed for 6 months, I am all too familiar with what how lanolin can help dry skin! I thought perfect this is going to work great! I applied it the first day and waited... still sandpaper. OK it will take a few days I thought... after a few days it did improve, however wasn't the miracle quick-fix I was looking for (I'm sure nothing is). Anyways, I would recommend this product as it definitely protects healthy skin perfectly, but as far as lips that have already succumbed to dryness, it takes a bit more time and effort to get them soft and smooth again.
Sephora, $30 (I know!).

I love this face cleanser specially developed for combination skin because it goes on like a mud mask then rinses and cleans like a foaming cleanser. You can really feel it working to deep clean your pores, and your skin feels great after. It works great but is gentle enough to use every day. This line of masks and cleansers really works, so I say it's worth the price tag! 
Sephora, $43.